Why the Right is Wrong on the Assault Weapons Ban

  • o    In response to a question raised by Ask Nod on Facebook………Ask Nod “Roger that. Just rationally explain the dichotomy of Chicago’s current dilemma and how a decade of banning assault weapons from 94 to 04 made an appreciable difference in the unmitigated slaughter of humans and I’ll start voting per your instructions. I’m easy to convince. Try using facts rather than emotions. I sit and wait at your knee with parted lips and straining eyes, sir. I’ll be your huckleberry. I promise.”
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Ok, let’s see if I can make heads or tails out of ‘the facts’ so I can get my loyal huckleberry to vote as per my instructions. I suppose I should resist the expansion of the Assault Weapons Ban discussion by excluding Chicago blight of one on one murder, and I will. What I will address is what happened, and what may have happened between the years of 1994 and 2004 during the past Assault Weapons Ban. In this way I won’t be diverted by obfuscation and dilution. You see Huck, it’s not a dichotomy, it’s a false comparison. Let’s both stick to the facts.


First this http://election.princeton.edu/2012/12/14/did-the-federal-ban-on-assault-weapons-matter/

This data is expressed using the FBI definition of a mass shooting which is 4 dead. 

Assault Ban Chart


Shootings Per year People shot/year












*p<0.05 compared with 1995-2004. Since the expiration of the gun ban in 2004, the number of shootings per year has doubled, and the number of victims per year has nearly tripled. Three of the bloodiest four years shown here occurred since the expiration.

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I, Brad, analyzed this data and eliminated the incidence of attacks with assault rifles and other weapons to determine (purely speculative I admit) what might have happened if they did have assault rifles rather than the pistols, bolt-action rifles, or shotguns that the shooters used.

In the following table, I, Brad, have identified and highlighted attacks that resulted in106 dead from non-assault rifles and 144 wounded between 1994 and 2001 – This data does not include incidents after May of 2001.

What would the body count have been if the shooters had assault rifles? I only counted the dead and wounded in mass shootings where a weapon other than an assault rifle was used. Clearly if an assault rifle had been used, deaths and injuries could have been much greater.

So how is it that you, Ask Nod,  say the ban on assault rifles during this period didn’t work? I submit that the ban saved many lives. Can you show me how I’m wrong?


Information for the chart has been gathered from a wide variety of publicly available news sources, which are often unclear and contradictory. Although every effort has been made to obtain the most accurate information possible, contradictions may exist between this chart and other sources. The determination as to whether a gun was obtained legally or illegally was made based on the law in effect at the time the firearm was acquired.




Status of Firearm(s)

Santee High School Santana, California March 5, 2001

2 dead 13 wounded

.22 Arminius eight-shot revolver Legal
The White House Washington, DC February 7, 2001

1 wounded

.38 revolver Legal
Navistar International Corporation Melrose Park, Illinois February 5, 2001

5 dead 4 wounded

SKS 1954R rifle Remington 12-gauge shotgun Winchester .30 rifle .38 revolver Legal
Edgewater Technology office Wakefield, Massachusetts December 26, 2000

7 dead

AK-47 assault rifle 12-gauge pump-action shotgun .32 pistol Legal
Backstreet Café Roanoke, Virginia September 22, 2000

1 dead 6 wounded

Ruger 9mm pistol Legal
Santos Linguisa sausage factory San Leandro, California June 21, 2000

3 dead

Beretta 9mm pistol Walther .380 pistol Legal
Lake Worth Middle School Lake Worth, Florida May 26, 2000

1 dead

Raven .25 pistol Legal
Wendy’s Restaurant Queens, New York May 24, 2000

5 dead 2 wounded

Bryco .380 pistol Illegal
Pittsburgh Suburbs Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania April 28, 2000

5 dead 1 wounded

Smith & Wesson .357 revolver Legal
National Zoo Washington, DC April 24, 2000

7 wounded

9mm pistol Illegal
Mi-T-Fine Car Wash Irving, Texas March 20, 2000

5 dead 1 wounded

9mm pistol Illegal
Theo J. Buell Elementary School Mt. Morris Township, Michigan February 29, 2000

1 dead

Davis Industries .32 pistol Illegal
Radisson Bay Harbor Inn Tampa, Florida December 30, 1999

5 dead 3 wounded

Lorcin 9mm pistol Charter Arms .38 revolver Legal
Fort Gibson Middle School Fort Gibson, Oklahoma December 6, 1999

4 wounded

Taurus 9mm pistol Legal
Northlake Shipyard Seattle, Washington November 3, 1999

2 dead 2 wounded

Glock 9mm pistol .32 pistol .22 rifle Illegal
Xerox Office Building Honolulu, Hawaii November 2, 1999 7dead3 wounded Glock Model 17 9mm pistol Legal
Wedgewood Baptist Church Fort Worth, Texas September 15, 1999

8 dead 7 wounded

Ruger P85 9mm pistol .380 pistol Legal
Laurel, Maryland September 9, 1999

2 dead

Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol Illegal
North Valley Jewish Community Center Los Angeles, California August 10, 1999

1 dead 5 wounded

Fully automatic Uzi machine gun Glock Model 26 9mm pistol Illegal
Atlanta brokerage offices Atlanta, Georgia July 29, 1999

13 dead 13 wounded

Glock Model 17 9mm pistol Colt 1911A1 .45 pistol Legal
Illinois and Indiana July 4th weekend, 1999

3 dead 9 wounded

Bryco .380 pistol Ruger .22 pistol Illegal
Heritage High School Conyers, Georgia May 20, 1999

6 wounded

.22 rifle .357 Magnum revolver Legal
Columbine High School Littleton, Colorado April 20, 1999

15 dead 23 wounded

Intratec TEC-DC9 assault pistol Hi-Point 9mm Carbine  Savage 67H pump-action shotgun Savage 311-D 12-gauge shotgun Illegal
LDS Church Family History Library Salt Lake City, Utah April 15, 1999

3 dead 4 wounded

Ruger .22 pistol Legal
Triad Center Salt Lake City, Utah January 13, 1999

1 dead 1 wounded

9mm pistol Legal
U.S. Capitol Building Washington, DC July 24, 1998

2 dead 2 wounded

Smith & Wesson .38 revolver Legal
Los Angeles, California May 28, 1998

2 dead

Two .38 revolvers Legal
Thurston High School Springfield, Oregon May 21, 1998

4 dead 25 wounded

Glock 9mm pistol Ruger .22 rifle Ruger .22 pistol Legal
Westside Middle School Jonesboro, Arkansas March 24, 1998

5 dead 10 wounded

Remington Model 742 .30-06 rifle Universal .30 M1 Carbine replica Davis Industries .38 two-shot derringer Double Deuce Buddie .22 two-shot derringer Charter Arms .38 revolver Star .380 pistol FIE .380 pistol  Ruger Security Six .357 revolver Smith & Wesson .38 revolver Legal
Connecticut State Lottery Headquarters Newington, Connecticut March 6, 1998

5 dead

9mm pistol Legal
Caltrans Maintenance Yard Orange, California December 18, 1997

5 dead 2 wounded

Chinese-made 7.62mm AK-47 assault rifle Legal
Heath High School West Paducah, Kentucky December 1, 1997

3 dead 5 wounded

Ruger .22 pistol Illegal
Pearl High School Pearl, Mississippi October 1, 1997

3 dead 7 wounded

.30-30 rifle Legal
R.E. Phelon Company Aiken, South Carolina September 15, 1997

4 dead 3 wounded

9mm pistol Illegal
Four states (MN, IL, FL, NY) April 27 – July 15, 1997

6 dead

Taurus .40 pistol Illegal
North Hollywood, California February 28, 1997

2 dead 16 injured

Multiple fully automatic assault rifles including an AK-47 type Illegal
Empire State Building New York, New York February 23, 1997

2 dead 6 wounded

Beretta .380 pistol Illegal
Albertson’s Supermarket Lakewood, Colorado April 28, 1995

3 dead 1 wounded

Grizzly .50 sniper rifle  SKS 7.62mm assault rifle 9mm pistol .32 pistol Legal
Walter Rossler Company Corpus Christi, Texas April 3, 1995

6 dead

Ruger 9mm pistol .32 revolver Legal
Corpus Christi, Texas March 31, 1995

1 dead

Taurus .38 revolver Legal
DC Police Headquarters Washington, DC November 22, 1994

4 dead 1 wounded

Cobray M-11 assault pistol Illegal
White House Washington, DC October 29, 1994


Norinco SKS 7.62mm assault rifle Illegal
Seattle, Washington April 5, 1994

1 dead

Remington Model 11 20-gauge shotgun Legal
Brooklyn Bridge New York, New York March 1, 1994

1 dead 3 wounded

Cobray 9mm fully automatic machine pistol Glock Model 17 9mm pistol Illegal


As I conclude this posting, let me encourage my faithful huckleberry to not let his emotions get in the way as he counts the dead and wounded in the mass public shootings. And please, if you, my huckleberry, chose to extrapolate this information by imagining the shooters using assault rifles with high capacity magazines rather than the pistols, shotguns, and bolt action rifles they did use, and come up with a far greater number of probable deaths and injuries, don’t let it affect your judgment; especially when you do the body counts amassed in our schools nationwide. After all, it’s not an emotional issue is it? It’s just numbers right?

Feel free to comment, and if you desire, you may continue your slightly cavalier approach to massacre and your mildly condescending tone. I don’t mind, really I don’t. Thousands might, but I don’t.




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