The Komen Quandry

I’ve supported the Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation for a long time. But lately I’ve become concertned that they’ve morphed into a poliitical movement with an anti choice and anti women’s health issues (ie. anti-contraception) type of movement.

I liked them much better when I thought they were actively involved in providing health services and helping shape women’s health options through Breast Cancer research.

As many of you know, you can sell anyting to a man if you drape ‘breasts’ around it.

I support Planned Parenthood and have used their services myself, even though I’m not a woman. I got AIDS screening there some years ago which gave me peace of mind.

I’ll continue to wear my pink hat when I feel like it, but I expect the Komen Quandry to go on for a while.

About BradGolding

Former Republican, Former Democrat, currently non-aligned with any party. Served in the United States Marine Corps 1968 throught 1972.
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