Tornado Help and a conservative effort to help that I like

This is a copy of an email I received from one of my conservative friends. I don’t care about politics in this instance, I just wanted to get the word out so if you feel like helping, this is a great way to start. Back to politics tomorrow. BG

I just got off the phone with Gary LeBlanc who heads up   Mercy Chefs — a dynamic “boots on the ground” agency that   takes mobile kitchens to disaster sites and provides thousands of meals to   victims and volunteers.

Gary and his team are already on the ground in West Liberty, Kentucky, where   a mile-wide tornado with 140 MPH winds ripped through the town leaving a   terrible path of destruction in its wake. The death toll from these   tornadoes has reached 39 and Gary says that to make matters worse, the region   got hit with a winter storm last night that brought snow and plummeting   temperatures.

As I write, Gary and the Mercy Chefs mobile kitchen are providing hot meals   to victims and volunteers in West Liberty as well as Crockett — a   neighboring community that was also totally devastated. The Mercy Chefs   mobile kitchen is set up near the heart of the devastation. Entire buildings   have been leveled or destroyed beyond repair, including the West Liberty High   School.

Gary says Mercy Chefs provided hundreds of hot meals yesterday and will   provide about 1,000 hot meals to victims and volunteers TODAY and then   1,000-1,500 meals every day this week as this community tries to cope with   the disaster. In neighboring Crockett, Gary’s team was met with tears from   the community as Mercy Chefs were among the first to provide relief.

According to Gary, it costs about $2.50 to provide a hot meal to a victim or   a volunteer. That’s the raw cost. It’s hard to put a value on a hot meal for   a family that just lost a home or for a volunteer who is working to bring   some semblance of relief to those who have just lost loved ones or seen their   lives devastated.

I told Gary I would get the word out to some Grassfire friends.

This is an opportunity to help in a practical way TODAY. It costs just $10 to   provide a hot meal to a family of four; $30 to feed 12 people TODAY in West   Liberty; $50 to feed 20 people; $100 to feed 40 people. Here is a link directly   to Mercy Chefs’ donation page where you can contribute.

Mercy Chefs has already served over 200,000 meals in places like   Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, New York, Arkansas and Alabama. Your gift is   fully tax-deductible and since I know Gary personally I’m confident that   Mercy Chefs will put your gift to work to help provide hot meals to   victims and volunteers in West Liberty starting immediately.

Thanks for your consideration,

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

P.S. Again, Gary and his Mercy Chefs is already   feeding families today in Kentucky. It costs just $2.50 to serve a hot meal   to a victim or volunteer. Please help as you can. We are directing you   straight to Mercy Chefs’ donation page to help expedite the process:


View the Weather Channel panoramic images of Main Street in West Liberty:

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I’m leaving the link in as a favor, I don’t agree with most, or at least much, of what they stand for, but I do agree with helping my fellow Americans when they’re in need. BG

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