Obama Care Approval By Section

According to a new poll released by ABC/Washington Post, a majority of folks are not overwhelmingly for or against the law as a whole. However, the number of folks who say they disapprove is higher than the number of folks who say they approve. This is most likely due to the constant slamming of the ‘Obama Care’ concept by the right. The number of people who report that they approve or disapprove of the law is as follows.

However, when you break the law down into its component parts you get a totally different view of how folks like or dislike the important points of the law.

And more….

Still more…

So while folks say they don’t like the law, they do like it’s component parts. The scare tactics used by the right have tainted peoples view of the term “Obama Care” when it’s used to refer to the entire bill, but those same scare tactics don’t work when you look at the components of the bill. This is very illuminating.

I would guess that the individual mandate (supported by the GOP until it was written into law) will be the sticking point.

I would also guess that since the overwhelming number of people who were polled on the components really like the components, that if the Supremes strike down the law, the Democrats will simply go back and re-write it as a single payer plan. Since the majority of republican voters responded favorably to the majority of the provisions in the law I expect it be enacted in one way, shape, or form in the near future.

See my post http://bradgolding.com/?p=1 to see how and why We the People have every right to enact this bill.



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