About The Daily Drill Down Blog

The goal here is to delve deeper into political issues of the day. We can’t be satisfied with ‘sound bite’ politics anymore so it’s up to us to explore the current political problems in our country.

Here, contributors will write an in-depth opinion on a political matter, and others with either complementary or differing opinions will be encouraged to comment in a fair, polite, and civil manner.

Name calling, finger pointing, and general dogma won’t be encouraged. No flaming please.

I’d love to encourage people who feel they have a well thought out position, and can articulate that position for the benefit of our readers to submit their proposed leading posts to me.

Then I’ll select a post for the ‘guest drill down’ from time to time and we can all comment. In this way I honestly believe we can move the political discussion along and get to some solutions which we can then champion if we so desire.

You’ll find links to various forums on the forums page for your participation. Please do feel free to participate and make your voice known. If we do not participate in our own democracy, we won’t own It for much longer.

Thanks and have some fun,

Brad Golding


One Response to About The Daily Drill Down Blog

  1. Evets says:

    Good one Brad, but the real reason for the 2nd amendment even being placed in the Bill of Rights has more to do with controlling rebellious slaves than it does fighting tyrants. As you well know, there is no mention of “government” nor tyrant in the 2nd amendment. It speaks to the “security” of a free State. The southern states were very fearful of the “Negro” population due to several murderous uprisings. Their leaders demanded that Madison include wording about weapons rights and particularly “militias” because these had already been formed and employed to hunt down escaped slaves. The 2nd amendment has a
    darker past than most Americans would care to admit.

    darker past than most Americans would care to admit.